Remote Light Stack
Remote Light Stack interfaces directly with the existing real light stack with up to five (5) lights on the CNC machine. It turns those lights into e-mails or text messages that can remotely notify anyone with an e-mail address or SMS (texting) capable cell phone. It can also update a website in real-time reflecting the status of the lights. Unlike traditional auto-dialers and pagers, Remote Light Stack uses your network so it requires no additional phone line and can send multiple simultaneous notifications to different destinations instead of a single phone call or page.

Remote Light Stack is highly configurable and can be programmed to send notifications given specific conditions. Units are delivered pre-configured for your specific network, situation, and requirements. .

The list of compatible machines is being continually expanded. Contact Remote Machining for pricing and availability for your shop.

Remote Machining
Remote Machining is an add-on hardware device that allows remote access to any CNC machine from anywhere with just an internet connection and a web browser. No software needs to be purchased or installed on the controlling computer. You can control and view your CNC in real-time; seeing and doing what any on-site operator can see and do; making it ideal for troubleshooting and off-site assistance. Access to particular controls and functions limited by OSHA standards is restricted. Remote Machining provides much more than just viewing or monitoring; it provides total control.

Because Remote Machining is a fully adapted hardware solution it will not interfere or encumber the operation of your CNC controller in any way. The functionality is completely transparent to your controller. Incorporation into your shop network is simple and installation services are available.

The product can be incorporated to fit onto new CNC machines or retrofit for older models, making it invaluable to forward-thinking companies with older machines. Contact Remote Machining for pricing and model availability for your shop.