Welcome to REMOTE MACHINING, where Control is Freedom.
We give you the control and you get your freedom; freedom from the shop, freedom from your machines, freedom from unknown problems and freedom from that long duration or hot overnight job. Utilizing your internet connection, Remote Machining products offer you the next best thing to being in the shop. It's like working at your CNC machine, without being at your CNC machine. Once the appropriate Remote Machining product is installed, all you need is a computer with an internet connection and you can completely monitor and control* your CNC machines in-real time. You can monitor and work on your projects unattended or assist another person in the shop, because you see what they see.

Now, with Remote Light Stack you can take advantage of a proactive approach and head off problems by having your CNC machine notify you of errors, warnings and run status. Remote Light Stack can display the status of your CNC machine on the web; or, it can be configured to text message or e-mail multiple people when a change in status or preselected condition occurs. Using Remote Light Stack your CNC machines can notify you when something is wrong and Remote Machining lets you do something about it.

You may already know that remote control and remote access features come standard on many new CNC machines today. But what about machines already working hard on shop floors like yours? Remote Machining offers adaptive solutions and retrofit kits for existing CNC models that can be installed in the shop.

Don't be out of touch just because you are out of the shop. Take a look at what our users have to say and what Remote Machining products can do for you.

"Remote Machining has paid for itself already and has freed up my weekends. I don't understand why machine builders do not incorporate this into their machines. I am able to access the Remote Light Stack from any internet connection and only took a matter of minutes to accomplish. Thanks Again."
Matt Jamison - Owner
Jamison Industies, Taylor Michigan

"Remote Machining and Remote Alarm Notification have allowed us (Sil-Pro) more scheduling flexibility. We do not have to stay at the shop to make sure the machines keep running because they will text us if something happens. We can then log into the machine remotely to verify the problem. We can even go as far as to reprogram the tool path, send it to the machine and get it running again, all from the convenience of home. These products allow our tool makers more personal time because they are not chained to the machine when we have some deadlines or high workloads."
Chris Tellers - Tooling Manager
Sil Pro, Delano Minnesota

"Remote Machining has been instrumental in giving me my life back! No longer do I need to run back to the shop to see if my machines are running. Before I had a choice of having someone at the shop around the clock or stopping in every few hours to make sure the machines were running. Sometimes the cutter breaks 5 minutes after the last person leaves and the machines sit idle until 6 AM the next morning. With Remote Machining I have increased my capacity by increasing spindle up-time. So I am making more money with the same equipment."
Corey Greenwald - Owner
Hard Milling Solutions, Romeo Michigan

"Here at Innovative Mold we have found that adding the light stack option to our machines was a positive move forward. As the cost of tooling is continually dropping in the states, and as a mold shop trying to compete world wide for business we have a perfect combination for the operator to use remote light stack. We have the machines laser, check the tooling at a specified time through out the program for broken cutters. When this happens the machine puts out a warning that goes through the light stack which sends a text message to all given cell phone numbers. The machine operator can then come to the shop, trouble shoot the problem and move on. This eliminates the need to add a night shift. With a average night shift wage you can only imagine the cost savings."
Quinn Sova - Machinist
Innovative Mold, Inc., Washington Michigan

"While using remote machining, I was able to work 2.5 hours on a Saturday and set up some parts that gained the shop about 28 hours machine time. I didn't have to worry about the machine breaking a tool and just sitting there all weekend. Nor did I have to drive down here on my Sunday to check on it to put my mind at ease. Also, when the texting is enabled, you don't have to keep checking the cameras or logging on to the controller just to verify your parts are still running. I just keep my cell phone handy and figure no news is good news."
Todd Rzeszut - Machinist