Real-time remote control & monitoring of unattended CNC machines (EDM, Laser, Lathe, Mill, Plasma, Waterjet, etc.) over any network or the Internet
What the operator sees on the CNC controller screen, you see from anywhere
Uses a hardware interface solution, requiring no software
Dependable & robust, using a unique blend of standard, well-known, established technologies

Amazing convenience with the ability to control & monitor machines from anywhere
Easy to use Turnkey device seamlessly integrates into existing network as a standard IT solution
Quick, remote technical assistance from CNC Supplier for troubleshooting & training
Increased productivity & profitability through decreased machine downtime, service, training costs
Flexibility & freedom: Plug & go anywhere!
You can check your email from anywhere why not stay in touch with your shop & machines?
Less down time due to quicker troubleshooting response time & fewer occurrences of on-site service
Less hands-on machining
Less time spent on the shop floor
Like having a CNC technician on site whenever you need one!

Offer a customized solution from a remote site for enhanced customer service, troubleshooting, diagnostic capabilities, training & assistance
Get a competitive advantage over manufacturers who offer either: no remote feature, a monitoring-only option, or a dial-up/pager option
Reduce warranty service costs with faster troubleshooting & fewer occurrences of on-site service
Further reduce costs by performing remote-assisted software upgrades/updates and training
Retain CNC reliability adding the device is easy, 100% non-intrusive to CNCs, and requires NO software
Grow & improve customer satisfaction
Enjoy the benefit of lean up-front costs & higher operational efficiency
Stay consistent the device can be designed to fit any CNC